Shooting Rampage in Tucson

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There's been no change in the condition of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, two days after she was shot while conducting a "Congress on your corner" townhall on Saturday. Doctors in Tucson say that's good news. In Washington, Congress has suspended business for this week, including the vote on repealing the President's health care reform. But in print, on TV and on the Internet, debate rages over what led to a shooting rampage that killed six, including a 9-year old girl, and wounded 18 others. Did vitriolic political rhetoric play a role? Is a tragedy being used to make political points? We also hear what's being reported about 22-year-old suspect Jared Laughner, who is scheduled to be arraigned today on federal charges.

Banner image: Congresswoman Giffords meets with constituents one-on-one at the Safeway located at Duval Mine Road and La Canada in Green Valley, Arizona on May 22, 2010.  Photo: © Gabrielle Giffords