Shuttle Trouble

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Space-walking astronauts replaced a gyroscope on the International Space Station today, while NASA was trying to determine if trying to fix Shuttle Discovery would make its re-entry into the atmosphere safer or riskier still. Meantime, despite 2 1/2 years and $100 million, NASA admits that it launched Discovery without solving the foam-tile problem that led to the Columbia disaster 30 months ago. Has the Shuttle program outlived its usefulness? Are its missions worth the risk? Would grounding it make future travel in space dependent on Russia? We hear from science reporters, a NASA flight controller, space policy analysts and scientist advisors, including a member of the Challenger Accident Commission.
  • Making News: Bush Names Bolton to UN Ambassadorship, Bypassing Senate
    With the Senate in recess, President Bush has bypassed confirmation and appointed John Bolton as Ambassador to the United Nations. Calling the appointment "too important to leave vacant," Bush used his constitutional authority to circumvent the vote that had been stalled by the Senate. Michael Hirsh of Newsweek magazine says that Bolton will work under the supervision of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Saudi Arabia-s King Fahd Dies at 82
    King Fahd has died at the age of 82. Known as a playboy prince when he assumed absolute power in 1982, he presided over the exploitation of Saudi Arabia-s vast oil reserves and controversial relationships with the West. Since 1995, he had been debilitated by strokes and other health problems. Crown Prince Abdullah, who has been the de facto ruler, will be his successor. Former State Department official Allen Keiswetter has more.

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