Six-Party Talks Resume

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In the year since disarmament talks were suspended, North Korea claims that it's been constructing more nuclear weapons. As China, Japan, South Korea and Russia all prepare to resume six-nation discussions tomorrow in Beijing, the US has publicly acknowledged bi-lateral consultations with North Korea. While that's what Pyongyang has long demanded, the US official in charge says they were "just trying to get acquainted." If the talks fail, how dangerous might North Korea become? We look at the prospects for ending a stalemate that began 50 years ago when the Korean War ended and hear about a race against time for America and the rest of the world. We're joined by journalists in the US and Seoul, experts in foreign policy and nonproliferation, and veteran officials of the US State and Defense Departments.
  • Making News: Teamsters and SEIU to Bolt AFL-CIO
    Four unions, representing almost a third of organized labor, have boycotted this week's meeting of the AFL-CIO--and starting at this hour, they're pulling out altogether. Dirk Johnson, Chicago Bureau Chief for Newsweek magazine, says that a demand for union decentralization is one of the major points of contention.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Discovery Shuttle to Launch Despite Fuel Glitch
    Two weeks ago, the Space Shuttle Discovery was grounded when one of its four hydrogen fuel sensors failed to operate properly. Even though the cause of the problem has not been found, NASA will waive its rule that all sensors be working and go ahead with tomorrow's planned launch. Michael Cabbage is Aerospace Editor of the Orlando Sentinel and co-author of Comm Check-: the Final Flight of the Shuttle Columbia.

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