Sodomy Laws, Gay Marriage, and Roe v Wade

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Laws against gay sex -demean-homosexual persons- who are -entitled to respect in their private lives.- So wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy yesterday for a Supreme Court majority that overturned a Texas anti-sodomy law. The High Court's ambiguous ruling on the legalization of gay sex had gay and lesbian lawyers weeping. There-s disagreement over the implications for gays in the military, gay marriage and even abortion, but there-s no doubt the decision has reignited what dissenting Justice Antonin Scalia called -the culture war.- Does the court majority speak for most Americans, or does the decision reveal a country divided? We look at the legal and social implications with a legal historian, gay rights and family rights advocates, and New York Times- columnist Frank Rich.
  • Making News: FTC and FCC Offer "No-Call" List to Block Telemarketers President Bush today launched the national -Do Not Call- registry that puts telephone lines off limits to telemarketers. In the first three hours, almost a half million people signed up. Those wishing to add their names to the list may call 1-888-382-1222 or sign-up online at Andy Mollison of the Atlanta Journal Constitution says the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission are -harmonizing- their efforts to regulate telemarketers.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Jail Time for Bounty Hunter?
    An American bounty hunter beat the FBI to the punch last week in Mexico when he captured Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir who jumped bail during a trial that led to his conviction for multiple rapes. Fugitive Luster is back in a California prison, but Duane -Dog- Chapman is still in Mexico, where he may have to do time, too. Daniel Hernandez is in Puerto Vallarta, where he-s following the story for the Los Angeles Times.

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