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The South was a major component of Franklin Roosevelt-s Democratic coalition. Since then it-s become a bastion of Republican conservatism. But South Carolina-s primary on Tuesday will still be an important testing ground for this year-s Democratic presidential hopefuls. Will John Kerry-s war record trump his image as a liberal Yankee? Can native son John Edwards score a much-needed first victory? Can Al Sharpton get enough of the black vote to stake out a role at the nominating convention? In November, can any Democrat beat George Bush in the solidly Republican South? We speak with political scientists and analysts, a Southern pollster specializing in election studies and politics and public policy, and the former campaign manager for the first elected black Governor in Virginia about jobs, faith, family, politics and patriotism.
  • Making News: President Bush Defends Medicare Costs and CIA Intelligence
    At the White House today, President Bush responded to calls for an independent commission to look into intelligence failures prior to the Iraq war by saying that he too wants to know the facts. He also responded to questions about his own estimate that Medicare reform will now cost a third more than projected when Congress passed it-$534 billion in 10 years. The Los Angeles Times' Maura Reynolds says both issues challenge the credibility of the administration.
  • Reporter's Notebook: CBS Bans Political Advertising at Super Bowl, the online issues-advocacy group says it raised $1.6 million to buy advertising during the Super Bowl, but the CBS television network said no thanks. Is that corporate censorship? Robert Thompson, a professor of television, radio and film at Syracuse University, reports that the decision over the controversial commercial highlights the tug of war between private management and the public airwaves.

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