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Since Democrats lead Republicans in the US Senate by only one vote, today-s big political news is the Democrats- effort to replace Bob Torricelli as the Senate candidate from New Jersey. Yet control of the US Senate may well be determined in the South, where Republican hard liners Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond and Phil Gramm are stepping down, and the races to replace them are neck and neck. Is the South trending toward a kinder, gentler conservatism? Do the Democrats have a fighting chance? We examine the evolution of Southern politics, the changing face of its voting electorate, and the issues that are likely to influence them, with Democratic and Republican pollsters and political strategists.
  • Newsmaker: UN Press Conference on Weapons Inspections in Iraq
    In Vienna, after successfully concluding negotiations, UN weapons inspectors and Iraqis have held a news conference to answer questions about the -practical arrangements- for inspectors to go back to Iraq. Ian Traynor, foreign correspondent for London-s Guardian newspaper, reports on what-s in, what-s out, and how the US is likely to respond.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Barbershops Hub of Talk, Real Marketing
    The film Barbershop, which has created a stir because of dialogue that makes fun of revered African-American leaders, is a huge hit with black audiences. It-s also focused attention on a revitalized relic of American life and culture. What-s more, according to Maureen Tkacik of the Wall Street Journal, these popular social hubs have become an influential center of contemporary marketing.

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