Special Interests and Their Impact on Our Democracy

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Democratic candidates charge that President Bush is serving the interests of big business, as opposed to what-s good for ordinary voters. John Edwards says that-s creating -two Americas,- and John Kerry talks about -Benedict Arnold corporations- that take jobs overseas. But now, Howard Dean has called fellow Democrat Kerry -the handmaiden of those [same so-called] special interests- and has said that Kerry is a -Republican--the unkindest cut of all. Is either party immune from the influence of campaign contributors and big-spending lobbyists? Is private money dictating public policy? Have recent campaign finance reforms made any difference? We speak with experts on campaign finance, political action committees, and corporate power, and an activist who has made a career of opposing so-called -special interests.-
  • Making News: President Bush Unveils 2005 Budget Plan
    President Bush has sent Congress a $2.4 trillion budget proposal. His three paramount goals are winning the war on terror, protecting the homeland and strengthening the economy. One unstated goal is getting re-elected in November. Alexander Bolton, who reports on finance in government and political campaigns for The Hill, says the budget proposal is a reaction to increasing dissent by the President's conservative base.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US and Britain to Announce Inquiries on Intelligence
    Without any admission of wrongdoing, President Bush says he-ll launch an investigation into intelligence reports about Iraq-s weapons of mass destruction. In Britain, last week-s Hutton Inquiry cleared the Prime Minister of having exaggerated intelligence reports about Iraq-s WMD, but did not investigate the quality of the intelligence itself. We look at Bush's seemingly contradictory strategy and the pressure it's putting on Tony Blair with Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and Mike Evans of the Times of London.

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