Spirituality in the Workplace

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By holding Bible Study in his Justice Department office, Attorney General John Ashcroft has called attention to the growth of religious expression on the job. Polls show support for religion-but some discomfort about bringing one's faith to work. Today, we'll talk about religion in the workplace. How much is too much? Does it belong there at all?
  • Newsmaker: Nurses Threaten Strike in Minneapolis: Nursing Shortage Nationwide - The City of Minneapolis, Minnesota is threatened by a nurses strike that could cripple health care delivery. It's indicative of a problem that's spreading across the nation. We talk with Josephine Marcotti, Medical Reporter for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Peruvian Elections - Alejandro Toledo wears jeans and a headband to campaign rallies and calls himself "a stubborn Indian with a cause." But, while he comes from a village back in the Andes Mountains, he's also an American-trained economist who lives in a flashy suburb. On Sunday, he'll get his third chance to be President of Peru.



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