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News has surfaced that the FBI and National Security Agency may have dug a tunnel to eavesdrop on the Soviet embassy in the 1980's. The revelation has revived Cold War passions and questions about counterintelligence practices. Suspected FBI turncoat Robert Hanssen is believed to be the source of the leak. We hear from US and Russian national security experts, and even a spy novelist, about the tunnel, the morality and impact of such spy-counterspy mentality, and the future of US-Soviet espionage. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: President Bush Meets South Korean President Kim Dae Jung - President Bush is meeting with South Korean president Kim Dae Jung over the future of the Korean peninsula. Until now, Kim has followed a "soft approach" toward North Korea, but Bush officials are suggesting a tougher approach. Douglas Paal, of the Asia Pacific Policy Center, tells us what to expect from today's meeting.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Hispanics Equal in Numbers to African Americans Census figures show there are 35 million Hispanics in the US, an explosive rise of 58 percent since 1990. At nearly 13 percent of the population, they've edged past African Americans as the nation's largest minority. Gregory Rodriguez, of the New America Foundation, considers the practical and political impact of this changing demographic.

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