Stabilizing Iraq

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Weeks after the war was supposed to be over, actual combat has resumed in Iraq. Tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles have killed almost 100 Iraqis this week, and the rate of American deaths has climbed to one every two days. US Central Command says resistance is -organized,- and exile leader Ahmed Chalabi claims the man behind it is Saddam Hussein. Should American troops stay on to establish order and stimulate democracy, or come home as soon as they can? We hear from the scene and get an assessment of what US forces are facing from a member of the Iraqi National Congress, an authority on Iraq from Jane-s Intelligence Review, and foreign policy experts from Congressional Quarterly, The New Republic and the CATO Institute.
  • Making News: US Combats Ongoing Resistance in Iraq
    This week, tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles have killed almost 100 Iraqis, who are part of what the US Central Command calls an -organized- assault on American forces. The rate of American deaths has risen to one every two days. Romesh Ratnesar is following the ongoing operations from Baghdad for Time magazine.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Presidential Links
    President Bush and his father played golf today at Kennebunkport, Maine, where the family is spending Father-s Day weekend. It was an unusually long round for the Bush family--more than 2 hours. Playing 18 holes with Bill Clinton can take six hours, even with nobody up ahead. New York Times reporter Don Van Natta, Jr. is a man who knows. In his new book, First Off the Tee, he writes that golfing style tells a lot about Presidents.



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