States Set Tougher Restrictions on Abortions

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Roe v. Wade may be settled law, but the movement that calls itself "pro-life" is increasing demands for bans and restrictions on a woman's right to choose an abortion. We hear what's happening in very red states and what it means in law and in politics.  "Women's rights now depend on their ZIP code," according to Planned Parenthood, as more states pass restrictions and outright bans on abortion. Mississippi, Alabama, Kansas and North Dakota are closest to making abortion impossible – 40 years after Roe v. Wade declared it a constitutional right. Why do women want abortions?  What happens when they can't get them?  What are the consequences when unwanted babies are born? Is the current movement about the politics of Red States, or a real effort to repeal Roe v. Wade?

Banner image: Billboard along I-90 East in South Dakota. Photo by Matt Hintsa