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As the Bush White House changes both military and political strategies in Iraq, it also faces a political squeeze over international trade. While the President-s steel tariffs are popular in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan-all potential swing states in next year-s presidential campaign, the World Trade Organization has declared the President-s protective steel-industry tariffs illegal, and the European Union is threatening a retaliatory trade war. Will the President be damned if he changes course, and damned if he doesn-t? We discuss steel tariffs, jobs and next year-s presidential campaign with trade policy experts and representatives of the European Union Trade Commission and the United Steelworkers.
  • Making News, Segment #1: Operation Iron Hammer Update
    As Operation Iron Hammer struck back against Iraqi insurgents, America-s top general in the region said they cannot win a military victory. General John Abizaid, Chief of the US Central Command, also scoffed at reports that Saddam Hussein planned the guerrilla strategy long before US forces attacked his country. Esther Schrader, who covers the Pentagon for the Los Angeles Times, has more on US strategies to counter Iraqi insurgency.
  • Making News, Segment #2: US Moves to Speed Up Iraqi Shift of Power
    Yesterday, Ambassador Paul Bremer left the White House with a -message- for the Iraqi Governing Council. Today-s New York Times reports on a new plan for changing the political climate in Iraq. Steve Weisman, who co-wrote the story, reports that speeding up the transfer of power in Iraq is critical to sparing the region from escalating violence.
  • Reporter's Notebook: British Hostility to US Expatriates
    Like so many people all over the world, the British responded to the September 11 attacks with tremendous sympathy for Americans. Now things are very different. One American was recently quoted by the Reuters News Service as saying, -It-s tougher being an American in London than it used to be. Our President has made it so.- As George Bush prepares to travel to Britain next week, Newsweek's London correspondent, Stryker McGuire, expounds on his observation.

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