Stimulus Package and the Domestic Agenda

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The events of September 11 have been followed by an uncertain war, an anthrax scare and a declining economy. While both parties advocate national unity, traditional differences keep getting in the way. Democrats want to spend more; Republicans fear the return of big government. Does economic stimulus mean tax breaks for the rich and corporate or assistance to moderate-income workers who have lost their jobs? We get some background from a national political reporter, then learn first-hand whether Congressional Democrats and Republicans can overcome political partisanship in a time of national crisis.
  • Newsmaker: Tensions Rising in US Airspace - Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has scolded the airlines, the FAA has restricted airspace near nuclear power plants, and President Bush has urged Congress for a new bill on airport safety. Robert Ditchie, former navy pilot and co-founder of America West Airlines, believes that what's needed is a uniform approach to airport security.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Turkey Considering Troop Deployment - The United States and Britain already have troops in Afghanistan. Now, the US wants Turkey to commit its military forces to train Northern Alliance soldiers in Afghanistan. Sabri Sayari, executive director of the Institute of Turkish Studies, says that NATO's only Muslim nation will continue to stand solidly behind the US in its war on terrorism.

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