Striking Over Health Benefits: Sign of a Looming Crisis?

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Transit workers have stranded a half million commuters, Sheriff-s deputies have the "Blue Flu" and 70,000 grocery workers at 850 stores have walked off their jobs. Workers are striking in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri, and they-re poised to go out in Wisconsin. It-s all about health coverage. Supermarket workers in Southern California have one of America-s best health plans for hourly employees. They get full care for themselves and their families without paying premiums. But the big grocery chains say they can-t afford that any more. We hear from the president of United Food and Commercial Workers, a retail analyst, an expert of labor research, a representative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a health care journalist about the striking over health benefits.
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    After days of diplomacy and predictions of important abstentions the vote was unanimous. Even Syria voted with all other UN Security Council members for the US-backed resolution calling for more troops and money to stabilize Iraq.
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