Student Athletes or Unpaid Professionals?

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In an age of million-dollar pro contracts, have quotstudent athletes discarded the amateurism for big bucks? The players want health insurance and the chance to earn more than 2000 bucks during the school year. The NCAA says they should appreciate the special treatment they get. We discuss the costs and nature of the sports culture in higher education, and whether a compromise can bring academics back into college athletics, with a former UCLA linebacker who's organizing Bruin athletics, a representative of the NCAA, and authorities who have written on sports, economics, and education.
  • Newsmaker: Greenspan Says US Surplus Can Support Tax Cut Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress today that a big tax cut might not be bad for the economy after all. Rex Nutting, Washington bureau chief for the financial website CBS, explains Greenspan's remarks and talks about the possible forms a tax cut might take.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Oil Spill in the Galapagos - Ecuador's Galapagos Islands have been threatened by a massive oil spill. Richard Moreno, of Fundaci-n Natura, explains that the impact to the island's wildlife could have been much worse, and tells us what his environmental group is doing to help the country improve its ability to handle future accidents.



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