The Candidates and the Supremes

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We hadn't heard much about the Supreme Court until this week's final debate. John McCain and Barack Obama were asked what sort of justices they would appoint, and it is clear that they differ profoundly on the subject. The current Court is four judicial conservatives – Alito, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia, four judicial liberals— 88-year old Stevens, 75-year old Ginsburg, Breyer and Souter, and one swing vote, Anthony Kennedy.  The next president is likely to appoint at least one, and perhaps as many as three, new justices. Since the justices most likely to retire are on the liberal side of the Court, Obama would likely appoint justices who would maintain the status quo; McCain could create the most conservative Court since the 50's. What sort of impact will the next Court have on our lives? We look at what's at stake, from abortion to affirmative action.




Judy Muller