Syria in Turmoil over the Hariri Report

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The UN Security Council today formally received the Mehlis Report, which that accuses Syria of likely involvement in the killing of a former Prime Minister of Lebanon. He and 22 others died in a massive truck-bomb explosion in February. Today in Washington, President Bush demanded that "the United Nations must act. And Syria and its leaders must be held accountable for their continuing support for terrorism, including the murder of Prime Minister Hariri." Could that lead to "regime change" in a fractured country? What's happened to Syrian overtures for cooperation with the US in Iraq? We hear from about Syria, Lebanon and US Diplomacy at the UN from journalists, Syrian diplomats and dissidents, and a former official of the US State Department.
  • Making News: Iraq's Constitution Adopted by Voters
    CNN says today that American casualties in Iraq have reached 2000. Others say it's 1999. In a speech to military spouses today, President Bush talked about sacrifice. In Iraq itself, there's good news for the Bush Administration as the constitution has officially been adopted. Dan Murphy, who reports from Baghdad for the Christian Science Monitor, has more on approval of the constitution and what it portends for Iraq and its insurgency.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Civil Rights Legend Rosa Parks Dead at the Age of 92
    President Bush today saluted Rosa Parks, who died last night at the age of 92. Fifty years ago on a bus in Montgomery, the humble seamstress refused to give up her seat to a white man. Last weekend Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was cheered at a University of Alabama football game. Lawrence Pijeaux, President and CEO of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, says Parks- defiance generated noteworthy changes for people in both Alabama and the rest of the country.

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