Taliban: Prisoners of War or Destined for Death?

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Amnesty International and the UN's Commission for Human Rights are calling for an investigation into the deaths of hundreds of Taliban prisoners at a fortress in Northern Afghanistan. US and British officials say there is no need for any investigation into the deaths, but Afghanistan's Northern Alliance says it will allow such a probe to take place. All sides agree that confusion and chaos make firm conclusions impossible at this time. We look at calls for an inquiry and how the Geneva Conventions and international law might apply, with a human rights advocate from Amnesty International, a specialists with the UN's investigation of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge and a strategist from Operation Desert Storm.
  • Newsmaker: Ariel Sharon in New York - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has arrived in New York where he visited Ground Zero, the former World Trade Center before meeting with President Bush on Monday. J.J. Goldberg, editor-in-chief of the Jewish weekly The Forward, contrasts opinions of American Jews, the Jewish lobby, and Israelis, over American requests for Israel to apply restraint in dealing with the Palestinians.
  • Reporter's Notebook: George Harrison, "The Quiet Beatle," Dead of Cancer at 58 - George Harrison was the youngest Beatle, lead guitarist in the most influential pop music group of all time. Last night, Harrison died of cancer at age 58. Anthony DeCurtis, contributing editor at Rolling Stone offers a remembrance of the international pop music icon whose fascination with Asian mysticism and music had a lasting impact on the West.

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