Talking Trash: Is Recycling Garbage?

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In response to America-s disposable culture, cities around the US have adopted recycling to prevent waste and preserve resources. But New York City-s not going along any more. We look at the high cost of recycling and consider whether saving the bottles and tying up the papers really help or just make millions of people feel virtuous.
  • Newsmaker: Suspect Arrested in Samantha Runnion-s Death
    There-s been a major breakthrough in one of America-s most notorious cases of child abduction and murder. Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona has announced the arrest of 27 year-old Alejandro Avila in the murder of 5 year-old Samantha Runnion whose nude body was dumped alongside a Southland highway. Jeff Collins, of the Orange County Register, updates the tragedy and its impact on local communities.
  • Reporter's Notebook: IRA Apology Elicits Cries of Opportunism
    The Irish Republican Army has issued a formal apology for the deaths and injuries it has caused among noncombatants over the past 30 years. The admission of guilt comes just a week before British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to announce whether the IRA is living up to the -Good Friday- ceasefire agreement. The Christian Science Monitor-s Anne Cadwallader has reactions from Blair, Ulster Unionists and the victims themselves.

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