Tax Cuts and the Growth of Government

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President Bush is eager to sign an extension of tax cuts for capital gains and dividends, to increase investment, job growth and even revenue. But a nonprofit tax study group says millionaires will see reductions of $42,000, while median-income earners will gain about $46. Democrats agree, calling the cut a gift to the rich, and Republicans want to raise the national debt to $10 trillion. Some conservatives are questioning the cuts as a way of cutting the size of government, saying that tax cuts actually make spending go up. Are increased taxes the way to go? Is "starving the beast" of government "voodoo economics" after all? We talk to journalists, tax-policy experts, presidential economic advisors and a former Treasury Department official.
  • Making News: NSA Surveillance Report May Complicate Hayden Confirmation
    Nominated to head the CIA, General Michael Hayden was on Capitol Hill today defending secret surveillance programs he ran at the National Security Agency. Yesterday, USA Today reported that the NSA is collecting data on every phone call made in America. Charles Babington, who reports for the Washington Post, says that although Hayden's likely to get a "serious grilling," his confirmation probably isn't in jeopardy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Feds Raid Home, Office of Former CIA Executive Director
    Federal agents today raided the home of the number three man at the CIA until he resigned on Monday as the FBI began an investigation. Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, who denies doing anything wrong, is being investigated for possibly misusing his position to help long-time friends. What's the link to disgraced Congressman Randy Cunningham? What about "hooker gate?" Jerry Kammer of Copley News Service has more.

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