Terror North of the Border

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In Brampton, Canada today, 17 alleged terrorists were brought to a courthouse surrounded by reporters and security personnel. Some will be charged with plotting to blow up Canadian buildings with three times the ammonium nitrate used to destroy the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The Toronto Star has reported that Canadian investigators managed to intervene and substitute a benign substance for the explosives the group allegedly ordered. The Canadian Mounted Police say, "This threat has been removed." But what does it mean for the future? Was the alleged bombing plot "home grown" like those in Madrid and London or the result of lax immigration policies? Should the US crack down on its northern border?
  • Making News: Iran Open to Nuclear Incentives Package
    In Vienna, Austria today, Iran was presented incentives to stop its program of enriching uranium. The package was agreed to last week by the US, Britain, France, China and Russia. Alissa Rubin is Vienna Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Congress Took $50 Million in Junkets over 5 Years
    Over five and a half years, Senators and Congress members of both parties accepted almost $50 million in private travel from special interests looking for legislative favors. A travel report assembled by the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity found that federal legislators and their aides were away from the Capitol for a combined total of 222 years, some on fact-finding missions and some for reasons the Center finds "less clear." Jeffrey Birnbaum reported the story for the Washington Post.

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