Terrorist Bombing in Bali Nightclub

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Saturday-s bombing in Bali has tainted a symbol of earthly perfection with the ugliest of realities, proving that terrorism is a constant threat anywhere in the world. Despite a dearth of evidence, Indonesia-s foreign minister has linked al Qaeda to violence that has claimed the lives of almost 200 people and injured hundreds more. Will this latest horror force Indonesia-s moderate, Muslim government to finally crack down on Islamic militants? We get an update on how the island nation is coping with the vicious attack, and hear about the implications for Indonesia, the global fight against terror, and the possible war with Iraq from a former official of Human Rights Watch, one of the world-s foremost experts on terrorism and a ranking member of the Defense Department.
  • Newsmaker: British to Resume Direct Rule in Northern Ireland
    With midnight tonight the deadline for the government of Great Britain to resume direct control of Northern Ireland, there-s still hope that the so-called -Good Friday- agreement can survive. Rosie Cowan, Ireland correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, reviews the espionage crisis that has derailed the ongoing peace process in the United Kingdom and a promising experiment in joint government.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Sniper Keeps DC Residents in State of Alert
    A different kind of terror stalks America-s capital city and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. Criminologists say that someone is enjoying the notoriety that comes from creating widespread fear. Michael Weisskopf, who-s following the story for Time magazine, reports on the tools and strategies the FBI, ATF and local law enforcement are using to pinpoint the random killer.

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