Terrorists Bomb Civilian Compound in Saudi Capital

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Suicide bombers shot their way into three residential compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today. Hundreds of western civilians were injured by massive, coordinated explosions, and Americans are among the dead. Secretary of State Colin Powell, in Riyadh as part of his Middle East mission, says it looks like the work of al Qaeda. We get a report from the scene and assess the political climate in that part of the world. We also hear about the impact of the war on Iraq, the timing of this latest strike, and what it means for the war on terror, from experts in terrorism, ethnic and religious conflict, and political Islam, and a former CIA operative.
  • Making News: Secretary Powell Tours Riyadh Bomb Site
    Last night-s attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia came just as Secretary of State Colin Powell was arriving on his Middle East mission. He visited one of the bombing sites along with Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post. The diplomatic correspondent says, despite White House denials, the three-pronged attack appears to demonstrate an undeniable link between terrorism and the ongoing political turmoil in the Middle East.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Domestic Terror Drills
    In Seattle, yesterday, a phony terrorist organization called Globo released a bogus dirty bomb, a radioactive device, to test civil defense first-responders in that city. The test, which was also going on in Chicago, was all part of Topoff 2, largest domestic security drill in American history. Reporter Chris McGann followed the drill for the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Kessler-s article, -Bombing Kills 20 in Saudi Capital-

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