The 108th Congressional Session Wraps Up

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For the second time in a week, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been slapped by the Ethics Committee. This, as Congress prepares to go home, without taking action on overtime pay, prescription drug importation or the 9/11 Commission. Republican leaders are under fire for holding sessions just two days a week, while the committee that makes the rules meets after midnight--in secret. Is it business as usual, or has partisanship risen to new heights? On the Senate side, do the Democrats have a chance to regain the majority? Is Congress winding down--in more ways than one? Warren Olney gets several perspectives from journalists and political analysts who cover the Capitol, as well as advocates for victims of September 11.
  • Making News: Rocket Fire in Baghdad, Oil Prices Hitting New High
    Rocket fire struck the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Baghdad today. There was automatic gunfire between the Sheraton and the nearby Palestine Hotel, both of which house journalists and other westerners. So, far there are no reports of casualties. Meantime, oil prices have set another record, more than $52 a barrel--the highest level since oil futures contracts were introduced 21 years ago. Philip Verleger Jr. is senior fellow at the Institute for International Economics.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Second Presidential Debate
    The consensus of polls and pundits is that President Bush lost the momentum to Senator Kerry last week, and that the Vice Presidential candidates fought to a tie. So, what's in store with Bush and Kerry go at it again tomorrow night in St. Louis? John Harwood, national political editor for the Wall Street Journal, offers a preview of tomorrow night's second presidential debate.



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