The 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary: New Rules?

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Since 1976, no candidate has ever been elected President without a strong appearance in either the Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary. The two predominantly white states have enormous influence on national politics. But, next year could be different. Two Democrats are skipping Iowa altogether; several are focusing on South Carolina, Arizona and Oklahoma. New York and California might even play a role. President Bush is unopposed on the Republican side, and the Democrats' strategy is to campaign against him as long as possible. We look at the upcoming presidential Democratic primary with an executive editor whose exclusive interview with Bill Clinton is published in November, journalists, a chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party and an expert on Southern politics.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Last Concorde Lands: Ending Era or Supersonic Travel?
    The last Concorde has landed at Heathrow Airport in Britain. After almost three decades, commercial travel by supersonic jet aircraft has come to an end. For 27 years, the Concorde flew passengers from Kennedy Airport to London or Paris in just about three hours. That-- less than half the time it takes on a regular jet plane. But, Air France and British Airways say, supersonic travel no longer makes money. We hear from Jonathan Glancey, editor for the Guardian Newspaper in London and Bon Van Der Linden, Curator at Smithsonian--s National Air and Space Museum.



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