The Blackout, Nimbyism and the US Energy Infrastructure

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Last week-s blackout has renewed calls for upgrading America-s electric grid and developing alternative sources for generating power. Windmills are favored by environmentalists, including the Kennedy family, Walter Cronkite, and others with homes on Cape Cod and the islands off shore, but a windmill farm in Nantucket Sound is quite another matter. Is it just Nimbyism, or do some -alternatives- create more problems than they solve? We speak with environmentalists, consumer advocates, electrical and alternative energy developers for a look at some of the trade-offs that might-or might not-be required to keep the electricity flowing.
  • Making News: Sobig.F, the Fastest Spreading E-Mail Virus of All Time
    From the US to South Korea, a frantic electronic hunt is underway for 20 home computers, which could unleash a barrage of data that will cripple the Internet. Nick Brigman, vice president of product strategy for the Internet security company Red Siren, has more on the cat-and-mouse game being played with the time-bomb virus called Sobig, what it means and what you can do.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Little League World Series
    By the time the World Series is over on Sunday night, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will have aired 35 Little League games, three times more than were televised just three years ago. So, who really wins, and what are the lessons? Freelance writer Josh Levin, who recently wrote -Little League Bullies- for, calls the play-by-play on the battle between commercialism and the cute factor in America-s rite of passage.
PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST THE SOBIG.F VIRUS. Be wary of opening files with the following attachments:

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