The 'Brights' and the Role of Godliness in Public Life

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White House supporters are accusing Senate Democrats of trying to prevent Catholics from becoming judges. Catholic Democrats call that a -despicable smear.- Despite the Constitutional separation of church and state, some non-believers claim they-re the ones who are suffering from discrimination. This latest flap over the role of religion in American public life springs from President Bush-s nomination of Alabama Attorney General William Pryor to an appellate judgeship. The conservative Catholic has denounced the Supreme Court for upholding the right to abortion. Is belief in God a qualification for public acceptance? Are Americans as religious as they claim to be? We consider the role of religion in public life with philosophers, religious scholars, and advocates on both sides of the judicial selection process.
  • Making News: Bush Orders Troops to Liberia
    With Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas at his side, President Bush said that US troops will be sent to Liberia to help other countries of Western Africa in the effort for peace. Robin Wright of the Los Angeles Times reports on the President's commitment to send American support troops to Monrovia, and his meeting with Abbas, in which the two leaders visited several issues included on the road map to peace in the Middle East.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Tour de France Races toward Finish
    In the Tour de France today, German Jan Ullrich cut two seconds from Lance Armstrong-s overall lead. After weeks of cycling up and down mountains and across the countryside, Armstrong now leads by just 65 seconds. With the race ending on Sunday, tomorrow-s time trial will be decisive. Jeremy Whittle, cycling correspondent for the London Times, says Armstrong is racing to become the second person to win the grueling race five times in a row.

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