The Collapse of the Doha World Trade Talks

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This week's Economist magazine says the trade talks started in Doha, Qatar after September 11 were designed "as proof that a prosperous and united world could rise above Islamist terrorism." Political leaders had the chance to make the world better off despite the latest Middle East violence, the magazine says but, "they failed." President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have both called for renewing the talks, which collapsed a week ago. We look at why the talks were suspended, whether they can be restarted before it's too late, what powerful farm lobbies had to do with it, and whether they were really a good deal for poor third-world countries after all. We're joined by journalists, economists, the farm industry, diplomats and human rights advocates, including the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • Making News: Hundreds of Thousands March in Baghdad in Support of Hezbollah
    Hundreds of thousands of Shiite Iraqis marched on the streets of Baghdad today, shouting "Death to Israel, Death to America," in a show of support for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Borzou Daragahi, Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times, has more on today's demonstration and the stark contrast between the situation in the capital and other regions of the country.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Two Views from Middle East
    Israeli aircraft hit major roadways north of Beirut today as Hezbollah threatened to hit Tel Aviv with a rocket. Meantime, the ground war appeared to be moving slowly. We get different perspectives on the ongoing crisis. Gideon Lichfield is reporting for the Economist magazine in Jerusalem. In Beirut, Michael Young is Opinion Editor of the English-language newspaper, Daily Star.

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