The Court of Last Resort

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The nation holds its collective breath as the Florida courts and legislature address America's most pressing question. Television viewers follow the arguments in Florida's State Supreme Court, and its legislature waits in the wings to get in on the action tomorrow. We check in with the Florida State Supreme Court's former Chief Justice, it's majority and minority House leaders, and a triad of legal experts, for their opinions on recounts, relevance and remedies.
  • Newsmaker: The Latest from Florida's State Supreme Court - An amicable mood belied the gravity of the situation as lawyers from both camps had their presentations to Florida's State Supreme Court punctuated by questions from court justices. Linda Kleindienst, state capitol bureau chief of the Sun-Sentinel of South Florida, was one of 28 reporters in the courtroom.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Americans' Love-Hate Relationship with Lawyers - Our attitude about lawyers has changed dramatically. Heroes on TV. Villains on the big screen. For weeks, we've witnessed a parade of them in and out of courtrooms. Michael Asimow, UCLA law professor and author of Reel Justice: The Courtroom Goes to the Movies, says the ones we love to hate have gotten a bad rap.



Warren Olney