The Debate in the Swing States

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As Michigan goes, so goes the nation-or so it's been for three of the last four presidential elections. Everyone's focusing on the so-called "swing states," where undecided voters could deliver crucial votes in the Electoral College. Editors, reporters and political columnists from around the US, an independent Michigan political researcher, and a professor of communication studies and political science consider whether the debates reached the "undecideds" and whether they get more attention than they deserve.
  • Newsmaker: Hussein Al-Nabulsy, a member of Hezbollah's central office, based in Lebanon, talks about the true nature and ideology of the organization.
  • Reporter's Notebook: For the first time in 44 years it will be a New York-New York World Series. John Thorn, editor of Total Baseball and creative consultant to Ken Burns' PBS Baseball series, reviews the history of "subway series" and the passions aroused by civic loyalties.

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