The December Election

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The US Supreme Court creates unanimous confusion by deciding not to decide, and kicking the presidential-election case back to the Florida State Supreme Court. As Both campaigns claim victory, Florida State Judge N. Sanders Saul tries to figure out what to do now. We thread our way through the law and the politics with Newsweek investigative journalist Michael Isikoff, and Eddie Lazarus and other political experts, including two who testified before the Florida Legislature last week.
  • Newsmaker: US Supreme Court Voids Ruling for Late Recount - The US Supreme Court has remanded the presidential election case back to the Florida State Supreme Court for clarification. Viveca Novak, legal and political correspondent for Time magazine, calls the court's motivation "an attempt at unanimity".
  • Reporter's Notebook: If the Vote Were Flawless in Florida - If the election were glitch-free, Gore probably would have won says Steve Doig, professor of journalism at Arizona State University. The former research editor, pollster, and state capital bureau chief for the Miami Herald, says he simply analyzed Florida's 195,000 uncounted ballots using a "spread sheet approach".



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