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Republicans were jubilant over last week-s economic news, but even President Bush conceded, -We-ve got a problem.- Though unemployment has dropped to just 6 percent, job-growth is not keeping up with the recovery and almost nine million people are still looking for work. One reason is said to be increased -productivity.- Furthermore, a lot of the jobs that are being created don-t pay enough to meet 21st Century expectations for lifestyle and standard of living. We hear more about technology, globalization and the paradox of increased productivity from economists, social researchers, labor industry leaders and placement specialists.
  • Making News: Verdict in Sniper Trial
    In Virginia Beach, Virginia, after a six-week trial, a jury spent just six hours before finding verdicts of guilty against John Allen Muhammad who terrorized the capital and its suburbs a year ago. Michael Ruane of the Washington Post has more on the verdict in the trial of the -Washington sniper- as well as ongoing testimony in the trial of fellow suspect Lee Boyd Malvo.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Governor Schwarzenegger-s Premiere
    For only the second time in US history, a state has recalled and replaced a Governor. This time it-s California, and the new Governor is a former body-builder and action-movie star. Today, celebrities joined politicians and reporters from all over the world for the inaugural of Arnold Schwarzenegger. We hear about today's big event from Carla Marinucci of the San Francisco Chronicle, and about the challenge facing the new Governor from political scientist Thad Kousser of UC San Diego.

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