The Economy, in Washington and Beyond the Beltway

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Recent polls show declining support for President Bush and fellow Republicans, but the Democrats don't do any better. While Washington has been focused on Terri Shiavo, Tom DeLay and the filibuster, stock values are down, and interest rates and inflation are up. Ordinary Americans are worried about the economy, the price of gasoline, jobs, healthcare and the failure of wages to keep up with the cost of living. Wages are not keeping pace with the cost of health care and gasoline. We examine what elected officials can do about the state of the economy and whether discontent will help the Democrats in next year's Congressional elections with pollsters and economists from across the political spectrum.
  • Making News: Bush Seeks Oil-Price Relief in Meeting with Saudi Prince
    In Crawford, Texas today, President Bush met with Saudi Arabia's Prince Abdullah. Just before the Crown Prince arrived, the President responded to reporters' questions about the price of gasoline and crude oil by tying them to the stability of financial markets, and reiterated that he wants Congress to send him an energy bill. Still, Richard Wolffe of Newsweek magazine says the meeting was more about public relations than policy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Minuteman Project, Another Summer of Record Deaths?
    At the California-Mexico border crossing of San Ysidro, there's been a marked increase in illegal immigrants discovered hiding in cars. In Arizona, there's been a change too, away from the area where volunteer Minutemen are staging armed patrols along the Mexican border. Claudine Lomonaco, who reports on the border and immigration for the Tucson Citizen, updates the perilous situation.
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