The Evolution of the Bush Presidency

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During his first nine months, he was the President half the country hadn-t voted for and didn-t much like, but his response to September 11 won him the highest ratings in the history of presidential polling. Now, George W. Bush preparing to make history of another kind by launching America-s first war without direct provocation and putting at risk the system of international alliances that-s prevailed since World War II. We examine the evolution of the Bush presidency with a national pollster, a former presidential speechwriter, a student of presidential politics, and journalists from the BBC and Texas, including one who-s covered the President since his 1993 Texas gubernatorial campaign.
  • Making News: Iran Moving Closer to Nuclear Capability
    Yesterday, Colin Powell said new evidence shows -how a determined nation that has the intent to develop a nuclear weapon can keep- [it] -secret from inspectors and outsiders.- The Secretary of State wasn-t talking about Iraq, but Iran. In this week-s Time magazine, Massimo Calabresi reports that Iran-s nuclear progress is -much further along than previously revealed.-
  • Reporter's Notebook: Foreign Aid Worker-s View of Daily life in North Korea
    The escalating tension between North Korea and the US reportedly stems, in part, from North Korea-s failed economy and its leaders- realization that their regime is in danger of collapse. Dr. Norbert Vollertsen spent 18 months in North Korea with a German aid organization before being expelled in December, 2000. Now, an independent aid worker who helps refugees from North Korea, Vollertsen gives us a look at daily life in that country.

Calabresi-s article, -Iran-s Nuclear Threat-

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