The Fall of Baghdad

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While millions watched worldwide on TV, a massive statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled off its pedestal in Firdos square. Hundreds of Iraqis danced on the rubble, while others dragged the statue-s head through the streets of Baghdad. As Iraq-s government seemed to vanish from sight, Vice President Dick Cheney was cautioning that the war is not over yet. How do these events look to the rest of the Arab world? What about the upcoming summit of Germany, Russia and France? We discuss a historic day in one of the world-s great cities, continuing resistance and the challenge of maintaining order with journalists at the UN and the Pentagon, the general who negotiated the Dayton Peace Accords in Bosnia, political analysts in the US, Britain and the Arab world.
  • Making News: The Situation in Baghdad
    American troops rolled down Baghdad-s main street today and there was visible relief in a city scarred by years of repression. As Saddam Hussein-s statue was being toppled in Firdos Square, Anthony Shadid of the Washington Post was across the street in the Palestine Hotel. It was early evening, and Shadid described what he had seen on -one of most remarkable days Iraq has witnessed in 30 years.-

Vice President Cheney's remarks to American Society of News Editors



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