The Future of Managed Health Care

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President Clinton tried to control the vicious cycle of rising health care costs and reduced access to health insurance. Although he failed, insurers succeeded in saving 300 billion dollars by pushing more workers into managed care programs that limited service. Now, the cycle has begun anew with costs, premiums and the number of uninsured all rising. Why has managed care failed to keep costs under control? Did HMO's with an eye on profit impose too many restrictions? Are hospitals, doctors and patients to blame for rebelling against reasonable controls? We look at skyrocketing medical costs with a health-care reform advocate, a trade representative, a former president of the American Medical Association, and a health policy researcher.
  • Newsmaker: Colombian Peace Talks Fail
    The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, have promised to peacefully withdraw from a huge demilitarized zone set side by Colombian President Andr-s Pastrana during peace talks that have now broken down. Linda Robinson, senior writer for US News & World Report, says a UN mediator and ambassadors from ten countries are feverishly trying to salvage negotiations and avert civil war.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Where is Vice-President Dick Cheney?
    President Bush joked about having fainted yesterday while eating a pretzel. Although the incident does was not apparently disabling or life threatening, it raises the question of vice-presidential succession. Humorist and political commentator Harry Shearer wonders what Vice President Cheney is doing these days.

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