The Future of the European Union

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Dutch voters today are expected to join the French in rejecting the European Union's new constitution. Britain may decide not to hold any referendum at all. Nationalism, unpopular leaders and fear of American-style capitalism are putting the brakes on the historic integration of former enemy countries. France has already seen a major political shake-up since the charter's rejection as President Jacques Chirac replaced his Prime Minister with Dominique de Villepin, who opposed the Iraq invasion when he was Ambassador to the UN. Will there be less competition in international affairs? Is the US in danger of losing a strong partner at a time of unprecedented challenges all over the world? We hear about the consequences for the US and Europe from political scientists and experts in international relations in Paris, London and Washington.
  • Making News: Dutch Voters Expected to Reject EU Constitution
    In Holland today, voters are expected to follow the French in rejecting a new constitution for the European Union. But there's more to the voting than just the constitution. Kees Versteegh, who covers European affairs for the Dutch paper NRC Handelsblat, says the consequences of the referendum on Dutch politics are substantial.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Is Mark Felt the Only Deep Throat?
    Vanity Fair magazine first quoted former FBI agent Mark Felt as saying, "I'm the guy they called Deep Throat." Now the Washington Post has confirmed it. Tomorrow, the Post will publish an article about the matter by Bob Woodward, one of the original Watergate reporters. Historian Joan Hoff, former president of the Center for the Study of the Presidency in New York and author of Nixon Reconsidered, is skeptical.

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