The Future of the Internet

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The Internet is everywhere, but the venture capitalists that put it on the map aren't investing in innovation any more. Will these investors ever see a return on their money? We hear from an author who's predicting the Internet's depression, as well as the people who are still bullish on the World Wide Web -- including one of its founders. We'll ponder whether the virtual future will turn out to be more local than global, whether many popular web sites will disappear and how many jobs will be lost.
  • Newsmaker: Instead of the cease-fire agreed to days ago, today brought more violence to the Middle East. Israel "assesses" the situation after Eight more Palestinians are killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers on the West Bank. From Hebron Khalid Amire, a writer for the London-based journal Middle East International reports on Palestinians' plea that their situation be considered within the context of International law and human rights.
  • Reporter's Notebook: If there's Great Art in Las Vegas, what's wrong with fashion designer Armani getting a retrospective at the Guggenheim? We get a review of New York's latest art controversy from Jed Perl, The New Republic's art critic, who's just back from the Guggenheim's latest gimmick for increasing audience.

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