The Future of the Olympics

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It's not just the skating scandal, drugs, or even payoffs to the Olympic Committee. The Olympic Games may become a victim of their own success. Even the motto "bigger, higher, stronger" seems increasingly to suggest that the Games aren't as much about sports as they are about money and politics, and the corrupting impact of such big money from television rights and corporate sponsorship has made the international spectacle unaffordable for smaller nations. We talk to some major players in the Olympic movement about efforts to save the Olympic spirit. We'll also look ahead to the 2004 Games with the head of the Athens Organizing Committee.
  • Newsmaker: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Addresses Israel
    In Israel today, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon addressed the nation at a time when he is reportedly under assault from the left and right. Cameron Barr, staff writer for The Christian Science Monitor, reports that Sharon called for unity, calm and patience in the face of increasing violence and, for the first time, spoke directly to the Palestinian people.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush Visit to China
    China's Communist Revolution is now three generations old. With fully half its leaders about to retire, the fourth will very shortly begin to take power. So, whom should President Bush get to know while he's in China? Matthew Forney, Beijing bureau chief for Time magazine, talks about the goals and challenges of the Bush visit.

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