The Future of the World Trade Organization

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Last week-s World Trade Organization talks in Cancun, Mexico were supposed to focus on help for the developing world, but 22 developing nations walked out over demands from the US and the European Union. Now, the industrialized nations are threatening to use their clout to force separate agreements with countries too weak to fight back. Are the US and other rich countries increasing the gap between themselves and poor nations around the world? Does the World Trade Organization have a future? We speak with journalists, trade industry advisors and watch-dogs who attended the WTO summit, as well as farmers in Brazil and America-s Midwest.
  • Reporter's Notebook #1: Galileo to Dive into Jupiter, Ending 24-Year Space Odyssey
    But scientists are about to let one of the most successful spacecrafts in the history of space exploration descend into the gaseous atmosphere of the planet Jupiter and burn up-on purpose. The Galileo spacecraft has been sending back pictures from outer space for 14 years. Planetary scientist Claudia Alexander, NASA project manager for the Galileo mission, has more.
  • Reporter's Notebook #2: Full Ninth Circuit to Weigh Delaying California Recall
    On Monday, a three-judge appeals court panel delayed California-s October 7 recall to avoid forcing voters in six counties to use outdated punch-card machines. This morning, a majority of the larger court agreed to reconsider the ruling, which means that the election might yet occur on schedule. Elizabeth Garrett, director of the USC-CalTech Center on the Study of Law and Politics, has the details of today-s ruling. Mark Barabak of the Los Angeles Times considers how it will affect the candidates running to replace Governor Davis.

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Ninth Circuit-s (9/19) decision for en banc hearing on postponing California recall

Ninth Circuit-s (9/15) three-judge decision on delaying California recall



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