The G-8 Summit

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Leaders of the world's seven richest countries and Russia are meeting in Genoa, Italy, this weekend in what's become a tradition begun during the 1975 world oil crisis. The agenda includes a potential worldwide recession and how the G-8 might avert it. On the streets are 1200 groups, comprised of as many as 100,000 people, protesting a host of complaints about the world's economic structure. We'll speak with a protestor, then discuss the summit, third world debt, trade, the environment, global health care, and how much clout the G-8 really have, with an economist, policy expert, and trade specialist.
  • Newsmaker: Baltimore Internet Traffic Collision - The repercussions of a train derailment and fire in Baltimore are being felt around the world. Bill Jones is head of public relations for Keynote Systems, which monitors web performance. He says that critical fiber-optic cable, running along the tracks, was also damaged, resulting in slowdowns all along the Internet highway.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Jeffrey Archer Scandal - It's easy to compare Jeffrey Archer's life to one of his potboiler novels as his fate today sounds like pure fiction. Adam Raphael, of The Economist, has had some brushes of his own with Archer. He has more on the man who moved from the streets to millionaire writer and peer of the realm, before being sentenced to four years in prison.

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