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Americans will spend almost as much money on video games this year as they will at the movies, and it's not just kids that are pressing the buttons and working the joysticks. The "Pac-Man Fever" fad has evolved into a billion-dollar industry that's captivating players from eight to 80. But do such games have educational value or are they a waste of time? Are they genuinely interactive or do they turn millions of players into passive zombies? We look at the creative, psychological and social implications of video game culture with a 16-year old "video vet," authors, a family therapist, and the creator of "The Sims."
  • Newsmaker: FBI Orders Massive Search for More McVeigh Files - The FBI has ordered a thorough search of all field offices after a second batch of misplaced documents relating to the McVeigh case turned up in Baltimore. Eric Lichtblau, of the Los Angeles Times, talks about the implications of the recent discovery which was never even seen by prosecutors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Will Silvio Berlusconi Take Italy to the Right? - Heads of state are all congratulating billionaire media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi who's been elected Italy's new Prime Minister. Corriere della Sera's Beppe Severgnini explains the appeal of the man he likens to President Bush "without the compassion," his 5-point contract, accusations of his criminal past, and his plans for the future.

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