The Global Death Penalty Debate

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More than 100 countries have abolished capitol punishment-but at least 100 others still use it. In Saudi Arabia, executions are public. In China, selling a panda skin is a capitol offense. Around the world, official policy is starkly different from country to country. But, whatever a government's rules and procedures may be, public opinion is often divided. In Europe, where the practice is banned, polls show substantial numbers want the death penalty reinstated. In the United States, where support is widespread, opposition is growing fast.
  • Newsmaker: Pre-European tour, Bush spells out new global warming policy -- As he prepared to leave for Europe, President Bush took to the Rose Garden today to outline proposals for dealing with global warming. Watching the procedings was Andrew Revkin, New York Times reporter and author of the book, Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Abortions in International Waters -- Ireland is among the countries where abortion is illegal. Even a rape or incest victim must go overseas to obtain an operation or the so-called "abortion pill," RU-486. Today a 130-foot ship called Women on Waves has sailed from the Netherlands with two doctors, a nurse and an operating room on board. First stop-Dublin, Ireland.



Warren Olney