The Golfing of America

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The newest "woods" on the fairway -- Tiger Woods, has taken golf out of the country clubs and exclusive property of rich white males. While golf courses around the world are more exclusive than ever, the US is enjoying a democratization of the game, with a dramatic jump in television viewership and course construction. Is golf changing America or is America changing golf? We talk with students and philosophers of the game, as well as some players, about the game, the business and the manifestation of culture. We'll also visit a place where golf is still as imperialistic as ever.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Calls for A Unified Europe - In Warsaw today, President Bush called for an eradication of European political divisions and the creation of a "democratic and unified continent." Newsweek's Michael Hirsch says that the president had messages for everyone from the European Community to the Shanghai Five.
  • Reporter's Notebook: David McCullough on John Adams - John Adams, often remembered as the president "between Washington and Jefferson," has won the heart and mind of historian David McCullough. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author has just finished a biography of one of our country's most compelling founding fathers.

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