The Healing Process and Bipartisanship

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In the aftermath of a polarizing presidential election, is it time to bind the wounds and move on? We join a political analyst, author, attorney and anthropologist to discuss whether calls for national "healing" trivialize the real differences that remain, and whether political leaders can afford to ignore them.
  • Newsmaker: Orlando Sentinel Examines Rejected Florida Ballots - Using public records law, representatives of the media and both parties participated in an examination of 6,000 "over-voted" ballots in Lake County, Florida. David Damron, reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, was there.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FDA Fast Track Approval - Over the last decade the FDA has fast-tracked its approval of new medications often disregarding dangerous signs of drugs that have no life-saving benefits. David Willman, of the Los Angeles Times, says that once the FDA opened the regulatory door, the pharmaceutical industry huffed and puffed and blew it down.



Warren Olney