The Hidden Costs of Discount Retail

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The first days of the holiday shopping season have retailers -optimistic- about consumer spending, but there may be hidden costs to the discount-retail business that has shoppers crowding into the stores. Consider Wal-Mart-with sales double those of General Electric and eight times more than Microsoft. In just 50 years, the once small-town five-and-dime has transformed itself into a global economic force. Just how far will Americans go for a bargain? What is the relentless drive for low prices doing to the economy-in America and the rest of the world? We join a labor journalist, sociologist, financial editor, teamster and investment advisor for an examination of the hidden costs of discount super-stores.
  • Making News: A Weekend of Ambushes in Iraq
    This was a deadly weekend for America-s allies in Iraq, with seven Spaniards, two Japanese, two South Koreans and a Colombian all killed in various incidents. It was also deadly for Iraqi insurgents, at least 46 of whom were killed in what-s being described as the biggest battle since last spring. Christine Spolar, who is in Baghdad for the Chicago Tribune, has an update and the fierce reaction to the deadly combat.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Global Drug Plan Launched on AIDS Day
    Millions of people are marking World AIDS Day with parades and prayers all over the world, and the World Health Organization announced a plan to treat 3 million people over the next five years. Yet, with 40 million suffering from the disease, experts are warning that the worst is yet to come. One officer in the war against AIDS is Dr. Paul Zeitz, executive director of the Global AIDS Alliance.


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