The Iraqi Governing Council

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Another American soldier died today in Iraq, along with a pro-American Iraqi political leader. Not only are US troops under constant threat of attack, they-re resentful that a promised homecoming has been delayed once again. Meantime, with the new ruling council up and running, the leader of US forces says it-s now up to Iraqis to determine how long the occupation will continue. We get a comprehensive report from Baghdad, where the temperature has reached 120 degrees, assess the Iraqi council-s ability to restore law and order, and look at the ongoing American troop presence, with a representative of the Iraqi National Congress, a Middle East historian, and an Army commander of peacekeeping forces in Bosnia.
  • Making News: 2004 Candidates Release Quarterly Fundraising Figures
    The latest financial reports are in, and the crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates is beginning to take on some shape. But in the past three months, President Bush raised more than all eight Democratic challengers combined. Bill Schneider, senior political analyst for CNN and contributing editor to several publications, breaks down the numbers and how they-ll affect several candidates- fundraising strategy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Prime Minister Tony Blair to Address US Congress
    Tony Blair has paid a heavy political price for supporting the war in Iraq. Now, he's been asked to address tomorrow's session of the US Congress. When Margaret Thatcher, Clement Atlee and Winston Churchill received similar invitations, all were riding high. The Prime Minister is crossing the ocean under very different circumstances. Bronwen Maddox, international editor for The Times of London, says it may not be a very easy trip.

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