The Iraqi Prison-Abuse Scandal and the Presidential Campaign

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Before the prisoner-abuse scandal, political insiders accused John Kerry of failing to articulate a -coherent- alternative to the President-s war in Iraq. Despite continuing bad news, polls showed that President Bush was still viewed as a stronger leader, and today, Kerry-s first public remarks on prisoner-abuse failed to make the front pages of most major newspapers. Meantime, White House political advisor Karl Rove has reportedly cautioned another Bush aide against basing the re-election campaign on foreign policy out of concern that it will take a generation for the US to live that down in the Arab world. As the news continues to worsen in Iraq, what are the opportunities and risks for the Kerry? For Bush? Will it open the door for Ralph Nader? Warren Olney speaks with White House reporters, foreign policy experts and journalists following the presidential campaign.
  • Making News: Capitol Hill Responds to Prisoner Abuse Scandal
    Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is expected to take a grilling tomorrow in a public hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Today, some Democrats have called for him to resign-or be fired. Republicans, too, are said to be harboring serious doubts. Jonathan Broder, defense and foreign policy editor for Congressional Quarterly, says emotions are running high and calls for action are mounting.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Prison Abuse Echoes Same in US
    When she took over Iraq-s Abu Ghraib prison last June, Reserve Brigadier General Janis Karpinski told reporters that living conditions were so good the prisoners -wouldn-t want to leave.- But things were not what they seemed, and since then, Karpinski has been disciplined for what-s now called the prisoner abuse scandal. In a Los Angeles Times' op-ed column, civil rights lawyer Robert Bastian says things are not what they seem in America-s prisons either.

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