The Latest Effort to Outlaw Abortion

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South Dakota's almost blanket-ban on abortion was designed to be tested in the newly constituted US Supreme Court. If it's upheld--and Roe versus Wade is overturned--eleven other states have enacted "trigger laws" that would outlaw abortion, too. Yet, even while it's protected by the Federal Constitution, existing restrictions make abortion increasingly inaccessible in many parts of the country. What's the impact of waiting periods, limits on public funding and a decline in the number of doctors who perform the procedure? Do states that restrict abortion help care for unwanted children? We hear from evangelical Christians, abortion-rights advocates, experts in reproductive health and the sponsor of Tennessee's most recent abortion law.
  • Making News: Middle East Reacts to Dubai Ports Debacle
    Although Dubai has promised to "transfer" its interests in US ports to an American "entity," President Bush today said he's concerned about "the broader message" that Congressional hostility has sent to Arab allies in the war on terror. William Wallis, correspondent in Cairo for the Financial Times, says this recent controversy will likely make other Arab multi-nationals think twice before investing money in the US.
  • Reporter's Notebook: US Gets a Failing Grade for Ocean Management
    America's oceans, coastal waters and Great Lakes are plagued by pollution, over-fishing and habitat destruction. Former Clinton Chief-of-Staff Leon Panetta Leon Panetta recently headed the Oceans Commission for the Pew Charitable Trust, which gave state and federal governments failing grades for ocean stewardship. President Bush's 2004 US Commission on Ocean Policy, headed by retired Admiral James Watkins, a Republican and former Chief of Naval Operations, has reached similar conclusions.

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