The Lockerbie Verdict

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Twelve years after a terrorist act that killed 281 people, one defendant has been found guilty, the other's been let off scot-free. The split verdict may raise more questions than it answers. Did history's most expensive criminal investigation really uncover the truth? Should Libya's Moammar Gadhafi pay compensation, or does the verdict mark his first step in a long road back into the international fold? We get details of the totally circumstantial case from one of the experts involved, reaction from a victim's family, and the implications for international diplomacy.
  • Newsmaker: Israel Election Update: Barak Trails Sharon Badly - Recent polls show Prime Minister Ehud Barak trailing far behind right-wing Likud leader Ariel Sharon in Israel's upcoming election. Daniel Ben Simon, of Jerusalem's Ha'aretz newspaper, explains Barak's refusal to step aside in favor of Shimon Perez, and talks about Sharon's "rich past of conflict and wars."
  • Reporter's Notebook: Fed Cuts Interest Rate, Again - With a dramatically-slowed economy, the Federal Reserve has cut its prime rate for the second time in a month. Knight Kiplinger, who publishes a national financial newsletter, says the move shows Greenspan's determination to raise consumer confidence and avert a recession.


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